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HarmonyCare – Terms of Use


The information contained on this website is for general informational purposes only.  No information posted on this website or any other material made available by HarmonyCare constitutes professional advice of any nature, including medical, nursing, certified home health or licensed home health advice. Each individual situation is different, and you should not rely on any information on this website as advice to make any decision regarding any medical issue or any other issue. You should seek medical advice from one or more duly licensed physicians before making any decision related to medical care. HarmonyCare does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website, or the accuracy of information on any other sites accessible through links on this website.




HarmonyCare does not provide any licensed services - we assist patients or their family members with gathering information to best assist and make their decisions. The services offered and administered by HarmonyCare shall not be construed as professional services of any kind, including but not limited to medical, nursing, certified home health or licensed home health services. The services offered by HarmonyCare are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. The services offered by HarmonyCare shall not be construed to eliminate, substitute or replace the advice and treatment of a qualified health care provider. You agree and understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a qualified health care provider as needed.


HarmonyCare does not provide medical, nursing, certified home health, licensed home health or professional services of any kind. HarmonyCare is not acting independently or making any independent determinations regarding the medical condition of any individual. HarmonyCare is gathering information and following the instructions of licensed medical professionals and healthcare providers. In certain situations, HarmonyCare Nurse Advocates (“HCNA”) may assist with the self-administration of medical testing (including but not limited to blood sugar tests, blood pressure measurements, etc.). You consent to this assistance and understand that in administering this assistance, HCNA’s are not acting as medical professionals or nurses in any way. In the event that HarmonyCare provides the equipment for this testing, you understand that this is simply for convenience and that HarmonyCare does not warrant the accuracy of any test results and is not responsible for any injury or harm caused by use of any equipment provided. You understand and agree not to hold HarmonyCare liable in any way for any injury to you, any medical complications or any worsening medical conditions. You release from liability and waive any right to sue HarmonyCare, their employees, officers, volunteers, directors, members, managers, contractors and agents from any and all claims arising from HarmonyCare rendering their services.