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MAHWAH, NJ 07495

Mike Troppe

Mike Tropper

LNHA, CEO/Founder

It all started, when Mike started getting requests from friends and family to assist them in finding a suitable nursing facility for their loved one - or dealing with issues that came up once their loved ones were at the facility. Being that Mike has been in healthcare for 20 years as both a licensed nursing home administrator and running his own nursing home consulting company for MDS billing, they felt Mike was someone on the ‘inside’ that they could trust and rely on in their decisions. Families are all alone in the selection of a nursing home, first day of facility arrival, attending care plan meetings, checking in on the status of their loved one, dealing with issues at the facility, facility discharge, home care coordination and so many other important things. Mike was able to provide his inside expertise in helping these families make the best decisions and feel good in the process. It was then that Mike decided to start his own company officially providing these services utilizing registered nurses according to his model that he knew worked. Mike is passionate and committed to helping families in this very stressful time in a totally unbiased way.

Abe Weinberger

COO/ Co-Founder

Abe runs the day-to-day front-end operations of HarmonyCare.  Prior to joining HarmonyCare, Abe ran a nursing home medical group consisting of doctors and nurse practitioners and saw firsthand the tremendous need for families to have someone working on their behalf. Abe met Mike while running that group and was taken by the concept. He joined Mike in his mission and is passionate about being impartial to the patients and their families and putting families in more control of their loved one's care.

Shifrah Ullman

RN, Team Lead Nurse 

Shifrah leads the team of nurses for HarmonyCare.  Shifrah utilizes her medical experience as a registered nurse to provide the medical expertise necessary for families' decisions and patient oversight. Prior to joining HarmonyCare, Shifrah oversaw pharmaceutical utilization for a large nursing home chain. Prior to that she was a unit manager at a nursing home making her someone on the ‘inside’ that families could trust and rely on in their decisions in hursing home settings.