Your Healthcare Advocate

Imagine touring nursing homes for your loved one with a registered nurse on your side!

Tour accompanied by our professional healthcare staff to find the perfect place for your loved one.


"My Advocate did not miss anything needed for the care of my husband - meeting us in the hospital, touring nursing facilities with me when it was time for my husband  to be discharged from the hospital, meeting us when we arrived at the nursing facility, attending care plan meetings, making numerous visits to the hospital and nursing facility, speaking on my husband’s behalf to the medical professionals, noticing when care was lacking and quickly addressing all issues, then following up to make sure that all changes agreed to by the facility were implemented. It would have been impossible without the knowledgeable, superb support of my Advocate. It was truly like having a family member who is a medical professional to guide you every step of the way."     C.D.

My wife needs short-term rehabilitation and nursing care after having surgery. The hospital informed me that I must choose a facility for her imminent discharge. They gave me a list of facilities in our area to tour, but I feel so lost. What should I be looking for when I do the tour?  I wish there was a nurse in my family who could accompany me to show me what things are important to look at and tell me what questions are crucial to ask.



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