Your Healthcare Advocate

Imagine having a Geriatric Care Manager to assist you in caring for a loved one!

HarmonyCare gives you the opportunity to have an experienced professional at your side. To advocate, to assist, and support. To help you or your loved one receive exceptional care in nursing/ rehab, homecare, and hospital settings.


"We got a call from the Rehabilitation facility that mom was in inviting us to her Care Plan meeting where they were going to explain to us why her therapy was going to have to end. That they could not justify treating her much longer.  Not knowing what to do, as she was clearly not ready to go home, we asked our Advocate to attend the meeting with us.  Long story short, our Elder Advocate helped the facility figure out a way to justify continuing therapy for weeks longer than they had planned."    M. W.

My dad was admitted to a long-term care nursing facility. I visit him as often as I can, yet I am so confused about his care. I wish there was a nurse in my family who could guide me and explain what to expect.



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