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MONSEY, NY 10952

A Care Advocate.

On Your Side. 

At Your Side.


We Help Families Like Yours Gain Peace Of Mind And Clarity While Caring For Your Loved One In Both Nursing Home And Home Care Settings. 

Who Can We Help?

My dad was admitted to a nursing home. I visit him as often as I can, yet I am so confused about his care. I wish there was someone who could guide me and explain what to expect.

My wife needs short-term rehabilitation and nursing care after having surgery. The hospital informed me that I must choose a nursing home for her imminent discharge. They gave me a list of nursing homes in our area to tour, but I feel so lost. What should I be looking for when I do the tour? I wish there was someone experienced in this field who could accompany me to show me what things are important to look at and tell me what questions are crucial to ask.

My grandfather lives at home alone with a part-time aide. Recently he hasn't sounded himself when I speak with him each evening. I am not sure if he is eating properly or if he is even taking his medication. I wish I had the time to visit him more than I do, but my busy work schedule makes that very difficult. I wish there was someone who could check up on him to make sure that he is OK.


Our support, VALUABLE

Your peace of mind, PRICELESS

Our Services

Give your loved one the care they deserve.


"My Advocate did not miss anything needed for the care of my husband - meeting us in the hospital, touring nursing homes with me when it was time for my husband to be discharged from the hospital, meeting us when we arrived at the nursing home, attending care plan meetings, making numerous visits to the hospital and nursing home, speaking on my husband’s behalf to the medical professionals, noticing when care was lacking and quickly addressing all issues, then following up to make sure that all changes agreed to by the nursing home were implemented. It would have been impossible without the knowledgeable, superb support of my Advocate. It was truly like having a family member who is a medical professional to guide you every step of the way."     C.D.
"We got a call from the Rehabilitation facility that mom was in inviting us to her Care Plan meeting where they were going to explain to us why her therapy was going to have to end.  That they could not justify treating her much longer.  Not knowing what to do, as she was clearly not ready to go home, we asked our Advocate to attend the meeting with us. Long story short, our Advocate helped the facility figure out a way to justify continuing therapy for weeks longer than they had planned."    M. W.
“When dad was being discharged from the hospital to the nursing home, I was so anxious. It would be dad's first time in such a facility and I did not know what to expect. Our Advocate was there when we arrived and stayed until we were sure that dad's new caregivers had the necessary medication and equipment on hand to treat him and that the treatment information from the hospital was understood by the nursing home. Having my Advocate there with us that first night certainly calmed me down during a very trying time."   B. Y.

Our Mission is to give you the opportunity of having an experienced professional at your side. To advocate, to assist and support. To help you or your loved one receive exceptional care.

That's HarmonyCare. Now,